The “God Key” works…

Back in 2015, our tech expert, Jeff Brown, made a bold claim…

He said a new technology with an odd name – CRISPR/Cas9 – had the potential to cure 6,000 inherited diseases.

CRISPR allows scientists to edit our DNA by cutting out faulty segments and pasting in new, healthy segments in their place.

And because of the power this gives us over our DNA… and our bodies… Jeff dubbed it the “God Key.”

Now, there’s finally proof Jeff was right.

Last Tuesday, two biotech firms, CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), revealed jaw-dropping results from the first human trials in the U.S.

And as you’ll see today, it marks the start of a new phase of profits from this revolution in medicine.

And judging by the gains Jeff’s readers have already racked up… it has the potential to trounce the returns you’ll get from just about any other investment.

Jeff’s subscribers have had the chance to grow their money nearly fivefold on CRISPR Therapeutics…

He added shares in this biotech firm to the model portfolio at our small-cap-focused tech investing advisory, Exponential Tech Investor, in October 2016.

Since then, it’s rocketed from $14 to $68 a share. That’s a 386% gain.

And this stock is up 16% since news of the trials broke.

That’s left CRSP shares well above Jeff’s buy-up-to price of $42 a share. So he doesn’t recommend buying it now.

But as he explains in an urgent audio briefing he put together from a small studio in his hometown, there’s another CRISPR opportunity flashing on his radar.

In fact, he believes it could return 1,000% in a matter of weeks.

We’ll show you how to get the name of that company at the end of today’s dispatch.

First, it’s important to grasp how important of a breakthrough in medicine last week’s CRISPR news represented.

We’re talking about the biggest medical breakthrough since antibiotics…

Antibiotics allowed us, for the first time, to fight infections caused by bacteria.

This allowed us to overcome potentially fatal illnesses such as pneumonia and skin and blood infections using a brand-new type of treatment.

Now, CRISPR allows us to eradicate diseases that are preprogrammed into our DNA.

Here’s Jeff with more on that breakthrough…

Last week, CRISPR Therapeutics revealed that it treated two patients with its CRISPR therapy – one with sickle cell disease and the other with beta thalassemia. Both of those patients have now been free from disease symptoms since the treatment.

The beta thalassemia patient hasn’t needed a blood transfusion in nine months. This is amazing. Patients with this disease typically need blood transfusions every two to four weeks.

And the sickle cell disease patient hasn’t suffered a crisis in four months.

That bears repeating. The patients have been free from symptoms and blood-transfusion-independent for months. That has never happened before.

Jeff heard it from the horse’s mouth last week at an invite-only gathering at MIT…

As his paid-up subscribers know, Jeff is one of the most connected guys in tech.

Before joining the team at Legacy Research, he was an executive at some of the most successful tech firms in the world – including Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, and NXP Semiconductors.

And these days, in addition to writing three tech investing advisories, he’s a formal advisor to eight early-stage tech startups.

Jeff is also an angel investor in early-stage tech startups. And he’s also a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. It regularly advises the U.S. and foreign governments on blockchain technology.

And thanks to his connections, last week, he attended an invite-only gathering on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus called the 2019 STAT Summit.

It was all about medicine and bioscience. And Jeff got to hear directly about the CRISPR trial results from Jeffrey Leiden. He’s the CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, one of the companies behind the recent breakthrough.

This is from a note Jeff sent to readers…

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but this is just incredible.

Leiden said, “We’ve essentially cured these diseases. We have cracked the biology of sickle cell [disease] and beta [thalassemia].”

Two fatal genetic diseases appear to have been cured with CRISPR. It wasn’t a case of just an improvement or some demonstration of efficacy. So far, at least, the genetic therapy has cured their potentially fatal conditions.

What’s amazing is that the industry executives are now talking openly about what I have been writing about and predicting all these years.

And keep in mind, they weren’t “pitching” anything to investors. This was an industry conference with fellow executives. The energy and excitement were palpable.

I (Chris) have known Jeff for going on four years now. And I’ve never heard him this pumped about a breakthrough in tech.

And this is just the beginning…

As we’ve been showing you, CRISPR Therapeutics is working on CRISPR-based cures for cancer and insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes.

This means living to 120… and beyond… will soon be normal. That’s because scientists will figure out which mutations cause which diseases.

Ultimately, Jeff believes this will lead to cures for ALL human diseases caused by these specific mutations.

Make no mistake, this is the future of medicine…

And shares in the companies behind this technology represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Jeff estimates the total market opportunity for therapies derived from CRISPR genetic editing will exceed $1 trillion. That’s a massive new market that didn’t exist before.

It’s why Jeff is pounding the table for every serious technology investor to have exposure to this trend.

And there’s one small-cap CRISPR company that investors need to own. In the coming weeks, it will release the results of its latest trial. Jeff:

As we saw with the results from CTX001, we know that CRISPR technology works. And I have good reason to believe that this other company’s trial will also be a success. And after the announcement, I predict shares in this small-cap stock will soar as much as 1,000%.

But time is running short. The trial results are fast approaching.

For full details on the stock Jeff believes is set to soar, you can catch Jeff’s urgent briefing here.

Once you hear straight from Jeff, you’ll see why he says it’s his most important announcement in his 30-year career.

In the mailbag: Should we be playing God?

Jeff calls genetic editing the “God Key.” And that raises some ethical questions…

Do you think genetic-editing technology is an example of humans trying to play God?

Or is that only a minor consideration, given the real possibility of being able to eradicate every single genetic disease in our lifetimes?

Don’t be shy. Tell us what you think. Even if it might seem controversial. Write to us at [email protected] and let us know what you think.



Chris Lowe
November 27, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

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