The mainstream media is at it again…

As you’ve probably heard, quantum computing is coming.

This breakthrough in computing is exponentially more powerful than anything currently available.

And folks in the mainstream press are hyping it as a “kill switch” for bitcoin and the blockchain technology it’s built around.

They warn that quantum computing is like a skeleton key that unlocks the encryption behind blockchain.

If you’re a crypto investor, you may have even had folks tell you it’s the beginning of the end.

I (Chris) am here to tell you it’s just not true…

It’s my mission at The Daily Cut to show you what’s really going on behind the stories the mainstream press feeds you.

I do that by plugging you into the latest insights from the Legacy Research team.

And today, I’ll show you why you don’t need to lose sleep over quantum computers wiping out your cryptos.

Then, you can go back to your friends and family and tell them how wrong they are.

And years from now, you’ll look back and be grateful you didn’t let some media bluster scare you out of the biggest money-making investment of the century.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Without getting too technical, quantum computers are based around quantum bits, or “qubits.”

This allows them to perform calculations based on the laws of quantum physics. It also means they can process exponentially more data than digital computers.

And Google’s quantum computer is now faster than the most powerful digital supercomputer – a lot faster.

Here’s our tech expert, Jeff Brown, with more…

Last month, Google gave its quantum computer a task that would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Summit, 10,000 years to complete.

The quantum computer finished in three minutes and 20 seconds. Beyond amazing. A 10,000-year task made trivial by one computer. That means we have crossed the point of no return. The quantum age has arrived.

And the recent Google breakthrough is just the start. Jeff again…

Within two years – probably sooner – Google will go from a 53-qubit to a 256-qubit quantum computer. That’s significant because nearly every form of encryption governments, militaries, corporations, and blockchains use is 256-bit encryption.

A 256-qubit quantum computer will be able to crack that encryption in seconds. This is a power no entity should have… And now Google will have it.

As you can see, the implications are immense. So it’s no wonder some folks are speculating that this is the end of cryptos.

But it’s not all doom and gloom…

Enter “quantum resistance”…

As Jeff has been showing his readers, encryption is just software. It can be upgraded.

That means blockchains can be made quantum-resistant.

And Jeff isn’t the only member of the Legacy Research team who believes the panic in the press over quantum computing is overdone. Digital currency pioneer Marco Wutzer has been saying the same thing to our Casey Research folks.

Marco heads up our Disruptive Profits advisory. It’s all about profiting from the boom in blockchain tech. And he doesn’t buy the argument that quantum computing is the death of blockchain. Marco…

As Jeff has been telling his readers, a cryptographic algorithm is just software. So for blockchains, it’s just a matter of changing it out for a new algorithm that is quantum-resistant. And although most folks don’t know it, these algorithms already exist.

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology asked the cryptography community to submit proposals for quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms. It’s already received more than 80 different proposals from researchers and academics. And computer scientists are working on new and improved versions of these algorithms all the time.

The media is painting quantum supremacy as a fatal flaw for blockchain. But Marco says it’s more a matter of switching out old algorithms and staying up-to-date.

This marks the start of a new trend in cybersecurity…

As quantum computing gets more powerful and threatens regular encryption, more money will flow into companies that can protect against this threat.

One such company Jeff flagged for readers of our free Bleeding Edge tech investing newsletter is called CryptoMove.

It uses a bleeding-edge technology called “moving target defense.” This encrypts data. Then, it fragments it. Then, it constantly moves these fragments… as well as the keys needed to read them… around customers’ networks.

There are even companies out there using quantum computing to create quantum-resistant algorithms.

And as world-renowned crypto investor Teeka Tiwari explained here, some blockchains, such as NEO and BlockDAG, have already added quantum resistance.

So the next time someone at a dinner party predicts the end of bitcoin as a result of quantum computing, remember that ALL software needs upgrading.

The upgrade blockchains will need in the age of quantum computing is more complex than usual. But it’s not the existential threat the press makes it out to be.

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Chris Lowe
October 21, 2019
Dublin, Ireland