Chris’ note: “Be early. And be right.” That’s colleague Teeka Tiwari’s mantra. He says it’s the best way to make a fortune if you don’t already have a fortune to invest.

That’s why today, I’m sharing with you an excerpt from a Q&A I had with Teeka in July 2016. It’s an example of the awesome profit potential of being early and right on a market megatrend. It also lays out the bedrock reason you must own at least some bitcoin.

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Q&A With Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Daily

Chris Lowe: Why cryptocurrencies? And why now?

Teeka: We live in a time in which the idea of money is changing more dramatically than at perhaps any other time in history. Up to now, we’ve had a faith in the U.S. dollar that’s really been unwavering. But that’s changing because of the huge experiment that’s going on among central banks.

They’re creating an enormous amount of new currency to try to “stimulate” the economy. That goes above and beyond anything that most folks have ever imagined.

People are looking for an ultimate source of value – something a central government can’t manipulate. In fact, they’re looking for something that can’t be manipulated at all.

That’s why we’re starting to see large pools of capital move into cryptocurrencies. If we had a currency whose value we could depend on… or if we had central bankers who were rational… cryptocurrencies wouldn’t have survived for 10 minutes.

The growing popularity of cryptos is a reaction to global policies designed to trash the value of government-issued fiat currencies. That’s why now is the time to get involved in non-fiat digital currencies.

Chris: There are some obvious parallels between cryptocurrencies and gold. But gold is tangible – you can hold it in your hand. Why would someone looking for an alternative to government-issued fiat money take on the unknown of a cryptocurrency over the known of gold?

Teeka: Gold is a great asset, especially in its physical form. But it’s not very fungible – it’s not easy to break off a piece of gold and go buy something. It’s also not very portable – $100,000 worth of gold will rip your arm out of its socket. By contrast, you can carry $100,000 worth of bitcoin (BTC) on a thumb drive.

You also have to remember that gold is a mature market. It’s been around for thousands of years. And today [in 2016], it’s worth roughly $7 trillion. [Today, in 2021, it’s worth $11.4 trillion.] Bitcoin, on the other hand, is still a tiny market. It’s worth only about $15 billion. [Today, in 2021, it’s worth $614 billion.] It’s at the earliest stage of its adoption.

It’s like buying shares when Microsoft (MSFT) went public in 1986. Or even a few years after, when most people still weren’t fully aware of the company’s transformative potential.

At the time, you could have played it safe and bought shares in rival IBM (IBM) instead. The difference to your wealth would have been dramatic, depending on which choice you made. With IBM, sure, you would have made a decent amount of money. But if you had bought shares of Microsoft at its IPO, you would have gotten fabulously wealthy.

The same is true for bitcoin. An investment in it has the same potential today as an investment in Microsoft shares 25 years ago.

Chris: It’s not just bitcoin, right? There are other cryptocurrencies out there. Are they also worth considering?

Teeka: I believe you should own more than one cryptocurrency. It’s the same as when you’re diversifying in precious metals or diversifying in the regular currency market. If I said to you the only currency you should buy is the U.S. dollar… or that the only precious metal you should buy is silver… that would be a mistake.

Your readers should consider having exposure to more than just one cryptocurrency. But bitcoin is a global reserve currency for the crypto market. Other coins’ exchange values are measured against it. That’s one of the reasons bitcoin will continue to have legs and life.

Chris: Would bitcoin then be a good starting place for somebody who was aware of the risks in the banking system… and of the inflationary potential of government-issued fiat currencies?

Teeka: Without question, bitcoin is a great place to start. I’m not recommending Cut readers go out and cash in little Johnny’s college fund and put all of it into bitcoin. But as a chaos hedge, I believe everybody should have at least some exposure to bitcoin… and perhaps also a couple other cryptocurrencies.

It’s also an opportunity to take a relatively small sum and multiply it at an astonishing rate. Again, the parallel is an early investment in Microsoft. If you bought even a single share of Microsoft at its IPO in 1986 at $21, that same share is worth $8,000 now.

That’s a 38,000% return – not including dividends. And it’s the kind of return I believe we’ll see in cryptos over the next 25 years or so.

When you’re looking at those types of returns, you don’t need to put an enormous amount of money at risk. Even a modest sum will really move the needle on your portfolio.

Chris: Thanks for chatting, Teeka.

Teeka: You’re welcome. Anytime.

Chris’ note: Bitcoin isn’t the only time Teeka has spotted big trades early on. In 2003, when he was still working on Wall Street, he recommended Apple (AAPL) to his clients. Following his recommendation would have turned a $1,000 investment into as much as $364,973.

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