Chris’ note: Imagine there was a way to perfectly time markets… predict major upswings and downturns… and use that knowledge to know exactly when and where to invest your money.

It’s supposed to be impossible… but that’s exactly what cycles trading expert Phil Anderson does.

He’s called every major market move – up and down – for the past three decades by tapping into an 18.6-year real estate cycle that can be traced back hundreds of years…

And according to Phil, we’re at a pivotal point in this cycle… a moment we haven’t seen for 20 years, which he calls the “Eleventh Hour.”

It’s at this time that Phil says, if you know the right moves to make, you can create generational wealth.

That’s why I just had to get him on record in his first-ever U.S. media appearance to tell us about it.

So tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. ET, I’ll be airing an exclusive interview with Phil. I’ll get him to dive deep into the 18.6-year real estate cycle… how you can prepare for the Eleventh Hour… and how you can use this cycle to secure your retirement.

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Imagine you could see – with clarity – what will happen in the U.S. housing and stock markets over the next few years.

You’d know exactly the right time to buy a house, apartment, or investment property.

You’d know the ideal time to buy and sell your stocks. You’d even have the confidence to invest when most people are running scared.

I know it sounds hard to believe. But now you can.

They call me the No. 1 economic forecaster for a reason…

Impossible as it sounds, I’ve called every major market move over my 30-year career.

Now, I hesitate to say that because it seems so unbelievable. But if I said anything else, I wouldn’t be speaking the truth.

The major market moves I’ve called ahead of time include all the memorable ones…

  • The housing crash in the early 1990s

  • The dot-com crash in 2000

  • The bull market in stocks from 2003-2007

  • The housing crash in 2007 and the global financial crisis (“GFC”)

  • The bottom in stocks in March 2009 after GFC

  • The bull market in stocks in the 2010s

  • The pandemic-induced crash in early 2020

  • The selloff in 2022

Really, what I’m doing isn’t forecasting. It’s “remembering the future.”

I make these predictions by understanding an 18.6-year cycle that markets have followed for hundreds of years.

Systemically Suppressed

You almost certainly haven’t heard of this cycle.

It’s so stunningly accurate that it’s threatening to the global elite. So, the mainstream economics profession has systemically suppressed it and written it out of the textbooks.

Again, I know this may sound impossible.

But the cycle I’m talking about isn’t overly-complex like many modern economists, analysts, and governments want you to believe.

It’s an undeniable fact that economies worldwide have moved through regular boom-and-bust cycles.

Fortunes are made during the boom. Then they’re lost during the inevitable bust that follows.

Most investors and business owners usually make the wrong moves at the wrong times.

For example, folks buy close to market peaks when optimism is high, and it seems as though the boom will go on forever.

Then the major peaks turn to recessions and depressions. This catches many investors and businesses out and causes extreme damage in the process.

All I’ve done is identify a predictable 18.6-year cycle of these peaks and troughs.

Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

I wrote about it in my 2009 book, The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking.

Keying off research done by a British economist called Fred Harrison, I found this cycle in U.S. real estate prices, measured from trough to trough or peak to peak.

Now, 18.6 years is an average. But the cycle has never been shorter than 17 years, never longer than 21.

The good news is that once you understand this cycle, you can forecast it. History, I assure you, does repeat.

And because real estate is such an integral part of the economy, this cycle affects the stocks market, too.

Advanced knowledge of when these peaks and turns will occur gives the investor and business owner an incredibly powerful advantage.

But for the first time to a U.S.-based audience, I’m confident that now is the right place and the right time for this message, so here it is…

Eleventh Hour

We’re at a moment in history I call the “Eleventh Hour.”

And we haven’t seen this moment for 20 years.

You may remember 2002 and 2003. It was 20 years ago, which is a very important time frame as far as cycles go…

And the markets are in a similar position so the one they’re in today.

Investors have short memories. Back then, folks were even more bearish than they are right now.

This was in the aftermath of the dot-com crash. The tech-heavy Nasdaq was coming off a three-year slide that took it down 75%. (That’s far worse than the 29% slide in 2022).

We had an energy crisis and war in the headlines, same as today. Only back then it was the U.S. invasion of Iraq, not Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that was to blame.

And that’s because the world runs on repeating cycles.

But here’s what’s important for you to understand now. Despite all the negative news, 2003 shocked everyone – except me and my readers – by starting up a bull market in stocks that ran all the way to 2007.


And that’s exactly where we are right now in this new cycle…

Just about everyone sees more pain ahead for the stock market. You may be one of them. But the cycle shows that we’re on the cusp of a major rally for stocks… one that will take most folks by surprise.

There’s a lot to unpack. That’s why I’m holding a special event called The Eleventh Hour tomorrow morning, April 11, at 10 a.m. ET.

I’ll go over what to expect during the Eleventh Hour period we’re in today…

…I’ll talk about how you can learn to “see” the reliable cycles and patterns the market has followed for hundreds of years…

…and I’ll reveal how, if you know what to do, you can seize this opportunity to create generational wealth…

I know that’s a big claim. But I was able to retire in my 40s by investing in commercial real estate around the lows in 2009.

So, mark your calendar for tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET.



Phil Anderson
Editor, Cycles Trading With Phil Anderson

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