It’s been written off as dead by so many mainstream pundits I’ve lost count. But bitcoin is staging yet another comeback. It just rocketed past $9,000. That’s up from about $6,700 a month ago.

It’s all to do with a supply-altering event known as the “halving” that will take place a few days from now. The last two times this event occurred, you could have made gains of 7,382%… and 11,645%.

So today, we’re turning again to America’s most trusted crypto expert and our colleague at Palm Beach Research Group, Teeka Tiwari. I (Chris) reached out to Teeka at his home in Puerto Rico. And he gave a sneak peek of what he’ll be covering tonight in his crypto briefing and Q&A at 8 ET tonight.

If you’re already signed up for that, use this as a reminder to clear your schedule for tonight’s event. And if you haven’t already signed up to join Teeka, you can do that here now.

Then read on to hear from Teeka on why it’s critical you take advantage of this setup right now…

Q&A With Teeka Tiwari

Chris Lowe: So Teeka, I wanted to get you on the line because you have an event coming up tonight that’s related to your “five coins to $5 million” prediction.

You’re recommending five tiny cryptos you believe will turn $500 stakes into $5 million or more. And I know there’s a big supply-altering event coming up this month that means this opportunity won’t last.

You’ll be revealing it all during your free event tonight. But for folks just joining the conversation, what’s happening this month in crypto that has you so excited?

Teeka Tiwari: Okay, so if we look at where my biggest successes in crypto came… they came by taking action before an event that happens once every four years in the crypto space. It’s called the “halving.” And it’s hugely bullish for bitcoin and other more speculative cryptos.


If you’d positioned yourself ahead of time in 2011, you could’ve made 11,645%. And if you’d positioned yourself beforehand in 2015, you could’ve made 7,382%.

Chris: As I understand it, the halving slows down the rate at which new bitcoin are issued. Is that right?

Teeka: That’s right. With bitcoin, the issuance of new coins is predetermined by code. Every four years, the amount of new bitcoin the code creates gets cut in half.

When the demand for something stays constant, but its supply drops, higher prices follow.

I call this event “The Phenomenon.” Because it’s really two forces coming together…

The second piece you need in place for explosive price growth is new demand. And as I’ve predicted, we’re seeing that ramp up as well…

Just two weeks ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowed $130 billion hedge fund Renaissance Technologies [RenTech] to get involved in bitcoin.

RenTech’s Jim Simons is the highest-earning hedge fund manager in the world, according to Forbes. His Medallion Fund is famous for achieving the best continuous returns in history. Between 1994 and 2014, it generated average returns of above 71.8%. So this is big news.

Another major player just came into crypto: Marc Andreessen. He cofounded Andreessen Horowitz, a top Silicon Valley venture capitalist (VC) firm. And days ago, we learned his firm is shifting $515 million into crypto.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg…

We’re on the verge of 500 million stock investors being able to buy crypto with just one click of a mouse. I believe this huge influx of demand will ignite the prices of a handful of coins to levels we’ve never seen before.

It’s when these two forces – the halving of supply and this acceleration of demand – come together that we see really big things happening. When that happens, what I like to say is that the impossible becomes possible.

Chris: Can you give an example of what you mean?

Teeka: Sure. In 2016, I recommended ether (ETH) – that’s the coin associated with Ethereum – at $9. It went as high as $1,430. That’s a 15,790% gain.

I recommended another coin, NEO (NEO), at $0.13. It went to almost $200. That’s a 143,750% gain.

Even in the crypto market – which is not a rational market, by the way – moves like that don’t happen often. But I’ve seen that those types of moves are clustered around The Phenomenon.

And so, I’ve put together this portfolio of coins that I believe has the ability to deliver those types of explosive gains. That’s why I call it Five Coins to $5 Million. In the past, $500 invested in a handful of the right coins would have made you well over $5 million in gains.

That’s not a guarantee, Chris. No one can guarantee the future. But as an investor and as a researcher in this space, what I have to look at are the conditions. And the conditions that preceded those types of moves before are occurring right now.

Chris: Interest in the halving is soaring. Searches for the term have rocketed on Google. And bitcoin has rallied to more than $9,000 in anticipation from around $6,700 just a month ago.

But just for people who aren’t familiar with crypto yet, when does it happen exactly?

Teeka: We have a rough idea of when it’s going to happen. Six months ago, it was scheduled to be on May 20. So just two weeks from now. But since then, a lot more computing power has moved to the bitcoin network as prices have risen. And this has sped up the halving. Right now, it’s about five to six days away.

Chris: I know a lot of readers have signed up to attend your event tonight. What can folks expect when they tune in?

Teeka: I’m going to show them why it’s critically important that they get involved in a small subsector of coins – my five coins – before the halving.

I’ll show how getting in on certain coins even one day after previous halvings made the difference between making $53,000 – which is a great win – and making $1.7 million.

One number buys you a nice vacation… and maybe pays a couple of bills. The other number lets you go on vacation for life.

This window of opportunity we have right now is closing – fast. So what I want to do is give readers a last chance to pull the trigger. Once we get past the halving, my coins are all going to move, in my opinion, above their buy-up-to prices. And you won’t be able to get involved on the ground floor. That opportunity will be gone.

Chris: A lot of people still see crypto investments as inherently risky. And there’s no doubt they’re highly speculative. But I know you’re actually a very conservative investor. So what do people have wrong when they think of cryptos as risky?

Teeka: I know of no other asset in the world where someone with limited means can risk such a small amount of money for such a potentially big reward. I’m recommending taking five stakes of $500 – so $2,500 – and potentially moving the needle on your net worth in a massive way.

That’s what I call the perfect asymmetric bet. Those are bets where the potential upside outweighs the downside risk. In this case, the most you can lose is $2,500. But you stand to make millions.

But like I said, that window of opportunity will close in a few days. There will still be opportunities there to make money in crypto… but not of the same magnitude that you can make now.

Chris: That’s why I’m reaching out to you. I want to remind folks who have signed up for your event. (New readers can find all the details here about how to sign up.)

Teeka: Thanks, Chris. I will say one thing to everybody right now: The potential gains available in cryptos have so far been gobsmacking. And they’re open to anyone.

I’ve seen housewives… grandmothers… truck drivers… people who’ve had no experience in crypto… completely transform their lives with the gains they’ve made in this space.

The key – as I’m always keen to remind folks – is to be rational in your position sizing. We’re in a moment in history in crypto where you don’t have to take massive risk. I’m going to show folks how you can make $500 bets and change your life.



Chris Lowe
May 6, 2020
Dublin, Ireland

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