Chris’ note: Today’s essay is one to print out and pin on your refrigerator door. Especially if you’re just starting out building wealth. It’s about the single most important thing you can do as an investor – diversify your investment strategies. The more diversified you are, the less any single event can damage your wealth.

It’s a lesson colleague Teeka Tiwari learned the hard way. And he’s now on a mission to make sure his readers never put themselves in a position where they can lose it all…

I knew I needed to take my own life…

I made my first big haul in the early 1990s, buying beaten-down junk bonds. And in the mid-1990s, I started making money hand over fist in technology stocks. I was making a fortune.

But by late 1998, I’d lost everything. I got wiped out in the markets. And it wasn’t just my money that was gone.

I had lost the will to live, too. Doing the math in my head, I felt I had to take my own life and let my wife collect on the insurance policy.

But standing on the edge of the Metro-North platform in Grand Central Station, I made the single best decision of my life – to not end it.

I don’t know if it was courage or cowardice that made me back off the edge of that platform and not jump in front of the oncoming train. Whatever it was, I sure am grateful for it.

The experience of losing everything shaped the rest of my life. So when people ask me, “Teeka, why do you still work?” or, “Why not go run a fund?”… I tell them I have a bigger mission than just making more money or lounging on a beach.

Today, my goal is to help investors make sure they never put themselves in a position where they can lose it all…

A Portfolio of Wealth-Building Strategies

If you’ve been following my work, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been very busy over the last two years launching a bevy of investment newsletters.

What I’ve learned is, to create enduring wealth, you can’t rely on just one strategy. You need a diversified approach.

Now, I can’t be an expert on everything… But I am an expert on identifying smart, world-class people to partner with.

That’s why, over the last two years, I’ve been partnering with experts to bring my readers the best information I can find on how to create wealth from multiple investment strategies.

In Palm Beach Confidential, I use a strategy called asymmetric bets. That’s when you invest tiny grubstakes in ideas – like cryptos – with explosive upside potential.

I recommend investing only 5-10% of your liquid net worth in cryptos. And I recommend investing only small amounts per position: no more than $200-400 for smaller accounts and $500-1,000 for larger accounts.

That’s why I call them asymmetric bets. You need only tiny positions for the potential to make life-changing gains.

And in The Palm Beach Letter, my chief analyst Grant Wasylik and I focus on safe, conservative stocks you can hold for the long term.

Both of these strategies work well…

We’ve booked crypto gains of over 11,000% and 14,000%. And the PBL portfolio has average annualized returns of 107.5% since April 2011. That far outperforms the S&P 500’s total return. In the same time frame, its average annualized gain is just 11.8%.

Meanwhile, in Palm Beach Venture, I show my readers how to tap into private markets. In the recent past, you had to be a millionaire to take part in this strategy. But for the first time, I reveal how everyday investors can get access to the kind of deals once reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

In Crypto Income Quarterly, my right-hand man Greg Wilson shows how to capture income streams as big as 100% in the still-nascent crypto market.

And in my Alpha Edge service, we share strategies reserved for ultra-high-net-worth clients.

These are some of the smartest, safest, and most profitable investments in the world. And it’s this type of diversity that makes us unique in the newsletter industry.

The Key to a Great Financial Life

To create wealth, you must build a solid foundation of multiple income streams. That extra income allows you to grow your overall wealth faster – without putting your principal capital at risk.

You can take your reliable, safe income and use a portion of it to grow your wealth rapidly through strategies like our asymmetric crypto plays. The beauty of this approach is, the income replenishes every year.

So even if you’re dead wrong on your aggressive plays, you won’t hurt your lifestyle or impair your wealth. Within a year, all the income gets replaced. This is the real secret to getting wealthy.

But as great as crypto assets have been at creating wealth, they’re volatile. That means you have to use small positions.

And private placements are great wealth builders, too. But again, you can’t put big money in them. Plus, they can take months or years before they go public.

While the payoff can be huge, what if you need money each month right now?

Well, what if there was a way for you to potentially make an extra $12,000 a month like clockwork? And what if the strategy was so safe, you could invest more per trade than the $200-400 I recommend most investors use for crypto?

Benefit From My 30-Year Journey

I’ve spent 30 years looking for a way to bring this particular strategy first to my clients on Wall Street, and now to my subscribers. The problem is, I’ve never found the right partner. No one has stood up to the intense scrutiny I put them under.

That’s why I’m so excited about what I’ve found for you. My team and I spent two years investigating and poring through the background, track record, and professional reputation of one of the greatest moneymakers I’ve had the pleasure to know.

If you have any interest at all in learning how to make as much as $12,000 a month – without taking outlandish risks – then I want you to join me for a special presentation I’m putting on that’ll blow your mind.

I don’t say that lightly. This is a method of investing I can virtually guarantee you’ve never had access to before. It’s taken me 30 years to find the right partner for this strategy. And the good news is: I’m going to share him with you.

When I was testing his work with my team, they’d call me up and say, “Teeka, we should just keep this for ourselves and launch a fund.” But like I told you earlier, my life today is about more than just adding a few extra zeros to my portfolio balance.

My life today is about helping you make the best decisions you can to put yourself in a position to create the life you’ve always wanted.

So come join me on Wednesday, November 13 at 8 p.m. ET, and I’ll give you all the details on what could prove to be the most successful investment decision of your life.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

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