Chris’ note: It’s our mission at the Cut to put the world’s most profitable megatrends on your radar early on… so you can profit ahead of the crowd. And one of the most profitable of the trends we track is what our tech expert, Jeff Brown, calls the “God Key.”

It’s biotech so powerful it can completely cure some of the world’s most brutal diseases.

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What I recall most clearly was the gasp…

The audience literally recoiled. Folks couldn’t believe what they’d just heard.

Did he really just say that?

This was last November. I was on the MIT campus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at an invite-only biotech event.

Industry executives and researchers gathered to share the latest breakthroughs in the field.

This was one of the highest-quality biotech events I’d attended all year. If the building had collapsed, the biotech industry would have ground to a halt.

There were so many applications to attend, the organizers had to turn folks away.

But I’m glad I made it through the doors.

What I learned there shocked me. And as I’ll show you today, it signals one of the greatest wealth-building opportunities in history.

The “God Key” Works

The first shock was results of a CRISPR-Cas9 genetic-editing trial on two crippling inherited blood diseases.

As my longtime readers will know, this technology can edit DNA as though it were computer code.

That means it allows us to program our genome. That’s our complete set of DNA. CRISPR allows us to remove the “bugs” – what geneticists call mutations – and replace them with healthy code.

I call it the “God Key” because of its potential to cure thousands of genetic diseases. And we’re getting early indications that CRISPR technology works…

You see, in February 2019, genetic-editing companies began trials to treat two inherited blood disorders, beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease.

And during the biotech event at MIT, we heard safety and efficacy data from the world’s first CRISPR genetic-editing human trial. The results were outstanding.

There were two patients in the trial. One had sickle cell disease. The other had beta thalassemia. But after a single intervention using CRISPR gene editing, both patients were symptom-free.

Beta thalassemia sufferers typically need blood transfusions every two to four weeks. But the beta thalassemia patient who was treated with the God Key hadn’t needed a transfusion in nine months.

And the sickle cell patient hadn’t suffered a crisis in four months.

That bears repeating: The patients were free from symptoms and didn’t need blood transfusions.

That has never happened before with regular attempts at treatment.

And in June 2020 – close to the one-year anniversary of her CRISPR treatment – the sickle cell patient provided an update on her progress. The treatment has relieved virtually all the complications of her disorder, she says.

The CRISPR treatment has had similar long-term success with beta thalassemia. Researchers have treated a second patient with the disease. Within five months, that patient was able to stop receiving blood transfusions.

Forgive me for stating the obvious. But this is incredibly hopeful for humanity.

This wasn’t a case of just an improvement or some other demonstration of efficacy. The God Key completely cured patients of these fatal conditions.

As incredible as that was, it was not what shocked me most…

The Audience Gasped…

At the MIT biotech event, there was also a roundtable discussion with an executive at a little-known CRISPR genetic-editing company.

At first, the discussion was your usual fare – the technology, its efficacy, and clinical trial results.

But then the executive did something highly unusual. I’m not sure if he was flustered, was caught off guard, or simply let something slip. But he said three words. And the audience gasped.

Now, because this was a closed-door meeting, I’m not allowed to disclose precisely what he said.

But I’ll say this: After I heard that executive speak, I had total conviction this technology works as promised.

That’s why I’m holding a biotech masterclass on August 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

I hope you join me. I’ll explain in full detail what shocked me the most at MIT.

I’ll also share details on my No. 1 small-cap biotech stock. It’s a company on the cusp of curing one of the most brutal inherited diseases.

Once that news breaks, I believe this stock could soar in a single day… perhaps going as high as 1,000%.

If you only ever invest in one biotech, it should be this one. Mark that date on your calendar, and I’ll see you there.


Jeff Brown
Editor, Exponential Tech Investor