This godlike tech is making the impossible possible…

Our mission at the Cut is to make sure you never miss a big moneymaking opportunity from the Legacy Research team.

And a top contender for the biggest profit opportunity on our radar right now is what our tech expert, Jeff Brown, calls the God Key.

Using God Key technology, doctors will be able to cure thousands of diseases with simple, one-shot therapies.

Living to 100 – and beyond – will be the norm.

And you’ll experience a better quality of life along the way. As Jeff put it to his readers…

Imagine hiking the Grand Canyon for your 100th birthday. Or perhaps playing a round of golf at 110. This is the future I see. And it presents one of the best investment opportunities of our lifetimes.

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The God Key is CRISPR gene editing…

Longtime readers will know about the potential of this bleeding-edge technology to radically improve the lives of billions of people.

And as I’ve been showing you, CRISPR stocks have been making Jeff’s readers money.

For instance, last December, he gave his Exponential Tech Investor readers the chance to score a 332% win on CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP). It’s already using CRISPR to eradicate beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease, two fatal inherited blood diseases.

The same month, he also gave readers of our Early Stage Trader advisory the chance to book a 432% win on Synthorx (THOR). It’s using CRISPR to combat cancer.

If you’re new to the conversation, here’s an overview of this powerful tech…

CRISPR allows us to edit our genome. That’s our complete set of DNA. It has all the information our bodies need to build and maintain ourselves.

In fact, each cell in our bodies has a nucleus containing a copy of our genomic “code.”

That’s what makes CRISPR so powerful. It can permanently alter us at our most basic level – our DNA. As Jeff explains it…

Think of editing our genome like editing lines of computer code. CRISPR allows us to fix bugs in that code. It’s like software programming for our DNA. It allows scientists to “cut” a genetic mutation out of our DNA code and “paste” in a healthy, mutation-free version.

That’s why it’s so revolutionary. And why it’s such a massive opportunity for investors. CRISPR allows us to restore our DNA to its healthy state. It doesn’t introduce foreign DNA. It just eliminates the bugs in our DNA code that cause us to suffer from diseases.

This isn’t some far-out sci-fi idea…

It’s happening right now.

As I mentioned, researchers have used CRISPR to cure two patients with inherited blood diseases.

After cutting out faulty DNA and replacing it with healthy DNA… the patients are now symptom-free.

And it’s helping not just folks who suffer from inherited diseases.

Researchers are also using CRISPR to cure type 1 and type 2 diabetes… cancer… the seasonal flu… and HIV.

Together, these diseases affect over 50 million Americans… and nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

As I mentioned up top, CRISPR will also allow us to live longer…

Even if you’re lucky… and you don’t suffer from any chronic diseases – inherited or otherwise… God Key tech will impact you personally.

You see, CRISPR is leading to the rise of what Jeff calls personalized medicine.

Today, if we get sick, we typically use a one-size-fits-all treatment. Many of these merely address the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the disease or illness we’re suffering from.

But that model is dying. And a new model is emerging. Here’s Jeff with more…

Up to now, we haven’t had the tools needed to cure these diseases permanently. So our healthcare strategies are mostly reactionary. But that’s about to change with the rise of personalized medicine.

Thanks to genetic sequencing, we can now spot diseases years or even decades before symptoms present themselves. Genetic editing allows us to then edit the faulty code that’s causing the diseases. We’re talking a permanent cure from a one-off therapy.

In the future, our healthcare will be personalized based on our genomic code. This will allow us to cure diseases that would otherwise have killed us. And it’ll allow us to live well beyond 100.

We’ll also be healthier and more active in our golden years. That’s because CRISPR will allow us to tackle diseases that can destroy your quality of life as you age.

Take Alzheimer’s…

Nobody wants to live into their 100s… only for Alzheimer’s to strike them down.

It’s a horrible disease that makes us unable to retain newly learned information. Eventually, it can progress to the point where the sufferer is completely delusional… and suffering from paranoia and hallucinations.

You probably even know someone who has been impacted by it.

But help is on the way…

In 2016, researchers identified a woman in Colombia who was predisposed to developing Alzheimer’s in her 40s. But she went more than three decades beyond that without ever experiencing any symptoms. No dementia. No confusion. No memory loss. Nothing.

That’s because of a specific genetic mutation that appears to be keeping symptoms at bay.

That could be the key to a CRISPR-based cure for this awful disease.

And I really meant it when I said you could be hiking at 100…

I (Chris) am 44. I’m in pretty good shape. But I used to play a lot of tennis. And now I have knee problems due to a worn meniscus (knee cartilage).

As I get older, my doctor says I can expect it to worsen.

In a young person, cells known as chondrocytes secrete collagen. This helps build up the meniscus, which acts like a shock absorber for your knee.

But as we age, the old meniscus cells undergo changes in their genome. These changes mean they stop making enough shock-absorbing collagen.

As a result, you get brittle knees like mine.

But if we can develop CRISPR therapies that allow us to reactivate the youthful self-repair mechanism of these cells, we can rejuvenate our joints.

CRISPR won’t keep us alive forever. At least not with existing tools. But if we can repair some of our worn-out parts, we could be healthy and active well into our 100s.

I’ll have more for you on how to profit from CRISPR in tomorrow’s dispatch…

I’ll also show you how personalized medicine is on its way to widespread adoption… as costs for genomic sequencing plummet.

Meantime, make sure to carve out time for Jeff’s masterclass tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

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Chris Lowe
August 5, 2020
Bray, Ireland