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2021 will be a banner year for tech stocks.

My mission is to deliver these life-changing returns to my readers.

We’re living in an age of breakthrough tech advances that have brought us explosive trends like 5G wireless technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and the next wave of sustainable energy.

These are eliminating scarcity and creating a world of abundance right before our eyes.

And for serious tech investors, there’s one specific area of technology that needs to be on your radar…

Biggest Breakthrough Since Antibiotics

We’re on the cusp of a complete reordering of healthcare… and at the start of a multiyear bull market in biotech.

It has to do with an emerging tech trend called precision medicine.

Let me explain…

These days, we typically wait until we feel sick before we seek medical treatment. Then we visit a doctor’s office or hospital, which treats our symptoms with varying degrees of success.

Often, each patient gets a one-size-fits-all therapy.

This approach to medicine is reactionary. But with precision medicine… in the near future, medicine will be proactive and personalized.

We will have our genome – our complete set of DNA – sequenced to identify mutations that lead to disease. Then gene-editing technology known as CRISPR-Cas9 (or CRISPR for short) will allow us to fix these mutations.

As I’ve covered in these pages before, CRISPR allows us to “cut” out unhealthy segments of our genome… and “paste” in healthy segments.

That’s why I call CRISPR the “God Key” – it gives us godlike control over our bodies.

It’s the biggest breakthrough since antibiotics. You will be cured before you even feel sick.

This future is close at hand…

Eye-Opening Progress

In November 2019, I attended a biotechnology conference called the STAT Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

And I caught a presentation by Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) CEO Jeffrey Leiden.

Vertex and CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) have been working together on a therapy for sickle cell anemia and beta thalassemia. Mutations in the hemoglobin gene cause these inherited blood diseases.

People with sickle cell anemia face severe pain, organ damage, and even strokes as a result of the disease. Half of all Americans with the disease die before their 47th birthday.

Beta thalassemia causes your red blood cells to struggle carrying oxygen through your body. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, and even facial bone deformities.

At the conference, Leiden announced that Vertex and CRISPR Therapeutics had treated two patients – one with sickle cell anemia and the other with beta thalassemia – with gene-editing therapy.

And the results were phenomenal.

Patients with beta thalassemia typically need blood transfusions every two to four weeks. But the patient who had received the gene-editing therapy had not needed a blood transfusion in nine months. And the sickle cell patient had not suffered a crisis in four months.

The patients were free from symptoms and transfusion-independent for months. This had never before happened with these diseases.

And time has only strengthened the evidence that the therapies were successful…

Excellent Results

Last year, close to the one-year anniversary of the treatment, the sickle cell patient gave an update on her progress.

She said the treatment had improved virtually all the complications of her disorder.

The treatment has had similar long-term success with beta thalassemia. Within five months, a second beta thalassemia patient was also able to stop receiving blood transfusions after receiving the therapy.

And in the time since, several more patients have joined the trials. The results continue to be excellent.

As of last December, seven beta thalassemia patients had not needed a transfusion since receiving gene-editing treatment.

And three sickle cell patients hadn’t had any crisis episodes after previously experiencing a median number (meaning half experienced above and half experienced below) of seven a year. The first sickle cell patient was even able to get off the pain medications she’s needed for most of her life.

This wasn’t a case of just an improvement. The genetic therapy completely cured their fatal conditions.

That’s the power of the God Key.

Record Wave of IPOs

This success means that, as an investor, you want to pay close attention to biotech this year. As I said up top, we’re at the start of a multiyear bull market for the biotech space.

Think about it…

We have a combination of advanced diagnostic technologies coupled with unprecedented computer processing power, AI, and even quantum computing. And we have this breakthrough CRISPR gene-editing tech.

We also saw $45.6 billion of private investment from venture capitalists (VCs) in the biotech sector in 2020. Take a look…


We’re seeing a wave of IPOs (initial public offerings) as well.

As a result, we’re going to have an explosion of new therapies. There will also be shorter times between drug discovery and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

We’re going to have better drugs with fewer side effects. And these drugs will be personalized for each patient.

Once Wall Street sees this, it will finally grasp the level of the technological breakthroughs happening in the industry. And it will invest more in biotech.

It’s going to be like dumping fuel on a fire…

Introducing “Timed Stocks”

Regular investors who see the power of gene-editing tech will make fortunes.

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I call the tiny stocks in this subsector “timed stocks” because they have a preset “timer” attached to their share prices.

When it goes off, these stocks can skyrocket…

Their share prices can soar hundreds – even thousands – of percent in weeks… or just days.

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I hope to see you there.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Bleeding Edge