Chris’ note: Bitcoin is up 111% this year. Over the past five years, it’s up 3,841%. And over the past seven years, it’s up 6,209%. It’s no exaggeration to say the gains on offer are potentially life-changing.

So today, I’m sharing with you a conversation I had this week with colleague and world-renowned crypto investor Teeka Tiwari. He’s given his readers the chance to make 3,458% on bitcoin and 4,375% on the world’s second-largest crypto, Ethereum. But he says there’s now an even more lucrative setup in crypto.

Teeka will be revealing the details – including the name of one of his top picks – in a special online event. It kicks off next Wednesday, November 11, at 8 p.m. ET. And it’s free to attend. So make sure you sign up here. Then read on for how Teeka completely missed this opportunity… until now.

Q&A With Teeka Tiwari

Chris Lowe: A lot of readers will know all about bitcoin. It’s up 111% so far in 2020. It’s been the year’s best-performing asset, beating gold and stocks.

But some folks worry that all those returns are in the past. They think, “I wish I’d been with you back in 2016, when you first recommended these. You’ve made amazing gains. But I feel like I’ve missed the boat.”

What do you say to people who think that?

Teeka Tiwari: I would say that up until recently, I would have agreed with them 100%. They did miss the boat.

In fact, back in May, when I had my last crypto event, I said, “This is the last opportunity to take a handful of $500 investments and transform your life.” And I believed it.

It wasn’t until very recently – I’m talking a few weeks ago – that I realized what a mistake I’d made when I said that.

In fact, I’m actually supposed to be on vacation in the Caribbean right now, on a 50-foot catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. But I canceled it… because of this one last opportunity left in crypto.

It’s remarkable. I can’t guarantee that it’s going to do as well as what we saw during the last crypto boom. But what I found – and I don’t want to get too much into the weeds here – is there is a “quirk” in the computer code in certain cryptos that I was not aware of.

This is embarrassing for me to admit. I’m a globally recognized cryptocurrency expert, and I completely missed this, Chris. Not by a little bit, but by a whole lot. I discovered this only because of an accidental conversation that sent me down a rabbit hole.

What I discovered was transformational. I can’t read computer code. But I have a huge research team, and some guys on my team can. I had them look through over 7,000 cryptos for this code. Then we looked at the ones that had this code and how they had performed in the past.

When that code triggered, the average gain across all of them, going back to 2016, was over 29,000%. That turns $1,000 into almost $300,000. That’s an asymmetric investment. [Asymmetric investments are low-risk, high-reward assets that can really move the needle on your wealth.]

The most recent one, in September – which I’m kicking myself for missing – that one coin went up 22,000%. That turns $1,000 into $200,000.


Teeka and Chris discussing the eye-popping gains still on offer in the crypto market

Chris: It’s head-melting to think about. But I wonder if this is what keeps some people away from crypto, Teeka.

There are folks who think, “I’m just not comfortable getting into crypto. I don’t know how to do it. I’m not tech-savvy. This is just some wacky digital world I don’t want to get involved in.”

And as a result, a lot of people miss out on these dramatic gains.

Teeka: Okay. I’m going to drop some real, hard truth. If you don’t climb the educational curve to get involved in these assets, you will be left behind forever.

The stakes have never been higher in your life.

Now, people like me can help make it a little easier. I put together a resource called the Crypto Corner. Through it, I’ve taught grandmothers how to buy cryptocurrency.

It’s not that hard. You watch a couple of five-minute videos… you learn how to do it… and you link your account. It’s actually a lot easier than a brokerage account.

But if you say, “This is too difficult. I don’t want to do this,” what you’re really saying is, “I don’t want to change my life. I want to stay left behind.”

Because unless you embrace this digital era we’re in, you will get left behind. We are in the middle of a transition unlike anything we’ve seen since we went from a farming economy to an industrial economy.

Saying you don’t want to learn how to buy cryptocurrency is like looking at cars [in the late 1800s] and saying, “Oh, those newfangled things will never go anywhere. I’m going to buy stock in the buggy-whip manufacturer because I understand that business.”

Unless we move beyond what we understand, we can never create a different life for ourselves. I know that’s emotionally difficult. I get it. But unless you can make that leap, nothing will change.

That’s a hard truth. You’ve got to think about what you want. Do you want to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

If you do, this latest series of cryptos I’ve discovered is the single best way, in my opinion, to get there without putting your life at risk.

I found six of them. You put $500 in each. That’s $3,000 total. And if even one of them goes up 29,000%, it’s life-changing.

Chris: You’re right. We do have to adopt these new technologies. If we don’t, it’s going to happen anyway without us.

I’ve been writing about the central bank digital currencies that are coming. And whether you adopt crypto or not, you’re going to end up using these digital currencies.

It could even be educational to get involved in crypto, because digital currencies are going to happen to you anyway. It’s not a choice, the way I see it.

Teeka: You’re absolutely right. It’s the same with cell phones. I remember people saying, “Oh, I don’t need one of these things. This is ridiculous.” Now, everyone has one, right?

So you can either be forced into adoption when the central bank says, “We’re taking over the administration of all government funds into digital wallets.” Or you can be ahead of that curve.

Because once we reach that place, things like bitcoin, Ethereum, and the series of small coins I’ve discovered will be significantly higher in price.

That’s because they’ll be the only alternatives to government-issued digital fiat currencies. And that will make them even more valuable.

I know there’s fear out there about what happens when the Federal Reserve starts issuing digital dollars. Personally, I can’t wait for that day – because it’s going to get millions more people used to digital wallets.

And it’s going to make bitcoin that much more valuable – because it’s a refuge against reckless money-printing.

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