Chris’ note: A shock is coming to the crypto market… The supply of new bitcoins is about to dry up. And with demand on the rise, prices will skyrocket.

World-renowned crypto investing expert Teeka Tiwari has been pounding the table on this idea lately. And if you’re looking to really move the needle on your wealth in 2022, it needs to be on your radar. Teeka’s research shows bitcoin is heading to $500,000… about 10x higher than where it is today. When it gets there, he says we’ll be able to trace it back to this upcoming event.

Teeka – or Big T, as his readers call him – will reveal everything tonight at 8 p.m. ET. He’ll also share details on six tiny crypto coins he says will rocket even higher than bitcoin when this shock occurs. The event is free to attend. So make sure you’re signed up for that before reading my Q&A with Teeka below. It’s all about what to expect from the coming shock…

Q&A With Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Daily

Chris Lowe: Hey, Big T. Lately you’ve been spreading the word on a big idea about crypto that the mainstream is missing out on. What can you tell me about that?

Teeka: Something’s happening in the crypto market right now that almost everybody is asleep on. No one I know has it in their valuation models for bitcoin (BTC)… or for a small handful of coins connected with bitcoin.

After extensive research, I discovered a supply shock that’ll hit the crypto market next year.

I call it the “Final Halving.” That’s a reference to the regular cuts to new bitcoin supply called halvings. But this halving-like event won’t cut new supply by just 50%. It’ll remove 98.2% of new bitcoin coming into the market for people to buy.

This will act like a hundred-year halving. Meaning it’ll pull forward 100 years of halvings – from 2140 [when the last programmed halving will happen] all the way to 2022.

Chris: Many of our readers will have heard of bitcoin’s programmed halvings. They’re embedded in the crypto’s code. And they automatically cut new supply of coins in half roughly every four years.

But the next bitcoin halving isn’t programmed to take place until 2024. You say the Final Halving will hit next year. So I presume it’s not the same as those programmed halvings we’ve seen in the past. Is that right?

Teeka: That’s right. It’s what makes this event so special. No other analyst is modeling this supply cut… because no other analyst sees it coming.

As you know because we’ve traveled to crypto events together, I’ve built an extensive network of crypto developers, entrepreneurs, and investors around the world since I first recommended bitcoin in 2016.

I’ve talked to every major venture capitalist, every major trading firm, every major family office, every major individual trader I know personally or through other contacts.

I’ve been quietly asking, “Hey, what are you modeling for bitcoin demand for next year? And what things do you think will affect supply?”

And they don’t see it…

I’ve also been reading all their models. And they’re all wrong. I’m smiling because when you have knowledge that’s so outside of what the broad market is working from, it allows you to make an enormous amount of money. That’s what I’m going to do for my readers with the Final Halving.

Chris: What kind of gains are on offer?

Teeka: To start, let’s take the gains I’ve given my existing subscribers a shot at ahead of the last programmed halving in May 2020.

In March 2020, I held an event all about it called 5 Coins to $5 Million: The Final Five. I shared details on five small altcoins [crypto coins other than bitcoin] I said would soar as new bitcoin supply halved.

Since I added these coins to the model portfolio at Palm Beach Confidential in March 2020, they’re up 583%, 589%, 1,002%, 2,055%, and 3,171%. If you had invested $1,000 in each, you’d now have $79,000.

And that halving was nowhere near as big of a deal for bitcoin as the one about to hit in 2022. Next year, I expect new supply to virtually dry up.

Chris: We’re longtime friends. I’ve seen past predictions you’ve made about halvings come true. And I’ve seen the gains you’ve delivered in your model portfolios. But let me play devil’s advocate here… If it’s such a big deal, why aren’t more people talking about this?

Teeka: They think there’s no way to get around bitcoin’s programmed supply cuts. But there is. And you can do it without violating the computer code.

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, I’ll explain it all. It’ll take some time. I want to walk everybody through my research. I’ll show them what I see so they can understand how the supply cut will work.

My research suggests that by next year, there will be only 16 new bitcoins reaching the market daily – compared to the 900 coming out every day right now. And new demand coming in next year could be as much as 3,000 coins a day.

I have the research to back all this up. So let me say this to your readers…

Even if you think you know everything about bitcoin… and bitcoin halvings… you need to be at tonight’s event to learn about this model I’ve put together. It shows what will happen when we get this massive supply cut at the same time as a surge in demand.

If you have any interest in understanding how to trade crypto next year, it’s critical you get this information. Because it’ll turn every single model Wall Street is using to value bitcoin right now on its ear.

Chris: A 98.2% supply cut is immense. We’ve already seen huge profits from past halving events that are half as powerful. So I’m excited about this. I think it’ll be a big night.

To attend, you can sign up here for free.

Teeka: The 2020 halving set off a 10x gain. The halving before that triggered a 50x gain. And the one before that, a 100x gain.

Now, imagine what will happen when we have the equivalent of 29 halvings at once. The gains will be insane. And when bitcoin eventually hits $500,000, we’ll trace it all back to the Final Halving.

Thanks, Chris. It’s always great to have a chance to talk with you and your readers. Thanks for giving me your time and attention. I really appreciate it.