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Outlier Insights is the only free newsletter from Wall Street veteran Jason Bodner.

Using his 14+ years of experience on the Street, Jason shares how to profit from investment opportunities on our doorstep. Even after leaving the Street, he created two hedge funds and his own quantitative analysis firm to use what he learned to help regular investors.

Even better, he does this using his own high-tech system that he built to identify big money flows in the markets.

This “outlier” system can track institutional buying no one else sees… spot trends in market sectors… and unveil what’s really happening behind the scenes.

With Outlier Insights, you’ll get Jason’s investment insights direct from the source…

Publication’s Expert

Before joining Brownstone Research, Jason spent nearly 20 years on Wall Street. He spent a total of 12 years at Cantor, including the final eight years as a partner and head of equity derivatives North America. He then traded and sold derivatives and ETFs for Jefferies.

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